Hi, we're Proxima.

Procurement is our business.

We offer a refreshing approach
to orchestrating the complex network of
external assets that fuel your business’ success.
Your suppliers.

We call this refreshing approach Catalytics©

Catalytics© aligns your external assets, your suppliers, with your corporate aims, giving you more control.

It changes the conventional view of procurement from an administrative function, to one of a strategic driver of value creation.

It enables your entire business to look at supplier relationships in more creative ways. It focuses on building long-term value, not just minimising costs.

Catalytics© is a new management practice that challenges behaviours, attitudes and the business need, long before any deal is done.

Isn’t that refreshing.

Some of the most respected brands in the world leverage Catalytics© in three ways:


Deep insights to shape
next-generation procurement.

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Managed Services

Procurement tailored for you,
managed by us.

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Procurement, as and when
you need it.

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...and this is what they have to say about it...

  • “The Proxima team have worked very well with our marketing colleagues and really helped us shape and define the future for the marketing operation.  Their specialist knowledge and skills have been invaluable to this project and its success”.

    Alison Ford , Marketing Operations Manager, Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc
  • “For large organisations like ours, we can come up with some short and long term strategies together, in which Proxima will connect with the market to come back with further insights that will excel the project, or alternate solutions that we hadn’t even thought about”.

    Sue Butcher , Vice President Contract Management, Universal Music Group
  • “It is vital that any ATL campaign is amplified by digital reach and engagement. We have worked with Proxima across our agency mix to achieve optimal value to support all of our advertising initiatives”.

    Megan Harrison , Brand Director, Warburtons
  • “Proxima brought a discipline, a sense of rigour and thoroughness of approach to our business which we would not have been able to deliver such significant cost savings, and more importantly, we would not have been able to improve the underlying business process as effectively as we have.”

    Global CFO , Global Media & Entertainment company
  • “We have a real partnership, a very strong partnership built on trust. It is this trust and sense of partnership that is critical to achieving what we set out to do. It’s more than just a relationship or bought in managed service, this is a genuine partnership”.

    Tim Richardson , Head of Procurement, British Airways
  • “Not only are you able to leverage your global reach, you are also able to look at our business on a local level - which also enables us to step out of our own regions, our own territories, pushing us into a truly global environment”.

    Sue Butcher , Vice President Contract Management, Universal Music Group
  • “We absolutely have expertise in the things we buy every day - aeroplanes, fuel, engines. What we don’t have is expertise in specialist areas we only touch now and again. And that’s the benefit of Proxima - Proxima can bring in that expertise quickly, because they know us on a holistic basis and then adapt it to what we need”.

    Tim Richardson , Head of Procurement, British Airways
  • “Proxima took the time to really understand our business, and the complexities surrounding the environment we operate in. In turn they were able to very quickly turn-around a truly fit-for-purpose solution. Great job”.

    Steve Carter , Head of Group Reporting, DS Smith

Catalytics© is different because it...

  • Provides a profoundly different experience to your people and drives a different response from your suppliers.
  • Enables you to realise greater control over your suppliers and thus boost innovation, creativity, productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Can fundamentally improve your financial position, your operational agility and your overall performance.