Is your success limited by your budget?

As a functional leader, you are more than aware of the importance of your suppliers. They provide specialist services and support. They bring insights, knowledge, ideas to the table. They enable you to focus on strategic thinking and achieving corporate aims. You rely on them. Chances are you probably like working with most of them too.

While these are all good things, it means that sometimes it can hard for you to objectively see value-for-money.

Too often, value-for-money gets confused with cost, or price. And far too often that discussion is typically started when procurement enters the room. Value-for-money in our books is about ensuring your budget is working harder to achieve your objectives, being spent on the right things or in some cases, not being spent at all.

At its heart, the challenge for functional leaders is to identify and attain value-for-money but not at the expense of agility, flexibility or quality.