10 July 2022
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This pharmaceutical business has a reputation for innovation. The Supply Chain and Procurement teams were undergoing a wide-ranging transformation.


The CPO inherited a Procurement team largely focused on sourcing and transactional activity. According to most measures, the function was performing well; however, the business itself was demanding more from suppliers and more from Procurement.

The CPO saw an opportunity to support larger, more complex change initiatives and build stronger supplier relationships. These were new activities that would be recommended as part of a broader blueprint for a future operating model for the function. As a result, some roles were likely to disappear to automation and service providers, but other roles would be created.

It was agreed that all incumbent team members should be assessed against the capability required in the future operating model.


Proxima procurement consultants worked closely with the transformation team to understand the future operating model and different components. This enabled us to appreciate the roles required, how they fit into customer journeys, what technology would be used, the base level of knowledge required, and the tasks that would be undertaken.

From here, we were able to build detailed skills and competency profiles for key role types. In doing so, we considered how the various profiles would interlink and what career pathways might exist within the future operating model. With this, the staff understood how they could re-skill or progress in their careers.

Our procurement consultants developed an assessment methodology for all roles, focused on self, peers, manager, and external stakeholders. For some of the more senior and stakeholder-facing roles, we also engaged a delivery partner to run assessment sessions focusing on role-plays and developing soft skills. These would validate current skill levels and identify potential within the team.

As a final output, we proposed a Learning and Development program at a functional and individual level. The program focused on a range of modules that Proxima and third-party partners could deliver.


The client put the majority of their team through the assessment process, which was largely seen as constructive and as an opportunity by the staff. The learning and development angle and the opportunity to apply to new and exciting roles were well communicated and well received. Our procurement consultant team delivered the following:

  • Skills and competency frameworks for existing and new roles, as well as a set of career pathways to encourage development and growth
  • A tailored Learning and Development program focusing on roles and individuals, aligning skills and capabilities with the future operating model
  • A skills and capabilities profile to support recruitment initiatives to backfill or fill new roles as the transformation progressed

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