03 January 2024
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Our client connects and protects organizations worldwide with the industry’s complete suite of end-to-end networking solutions. With billions of sales revenue, the organization has a critical supply chain to protect. As the company has undertaken an ambitious growth strategy, the key to this is an evolving and robust supply chain. In today’s environment, there are a multitude of opportunities for supply chain disruption; these range from geopolitical events to increasing regulation. For this reason, the company realized the importance of creating supply chain visibility and establishing an approach to mitigate supply chain risks.


Proxima deployed supply chain category experts and risk SMEs to develop an approach to map out the client’s tier 1-4 value chain and create a comprehensive supply chain risk assessment. The Proxima team then tested the new approach against several finished good products, analyzing the bill of materials and evaluating the risks in the component categories. Their supply chain leadership team collaboratively validated our approach and then pressure-tested by the respective category leads.


Following the value chain mapping and risk assessment activities, Proxima summarized the key risks and themes at a finished good level, providing valuable mitigation insights.

The internal team was able to gain sight of where we had identified significant risks and a clear roadmap detailing how to prioritize the risk activities moving forward effectively. The program elevated the importance of supply chain risk management, highlighting the critical consequences of inaction. More importantly, the Proxima outputs empowered the internal supply chain team to socialize the benefits / competitive advantage of a robust supply chain risk management program at an executive level.

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