10 November 2022
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Our client is an international defense, aerospace, and security company that delivers a full range of products and services for air, land, and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions, and customer support services. They are the largest defense contractor in Europe.


Proxima supported our clients in transforming their procurement and supply chain for the air business to ensure improved visibility, enhanced innovation, digitization, collaboration with suppliers, and continuous improvement in their primary revenue streams.


Proxima supported the procurement team with the development of a prospectus-ready strategic vision for the future supply chain to support the next generation of product development and delivery, as well as improve the BAU today.

Following the development of the vision, we moved to support the mapping of the journey from the current model to the vision for the supply chain. Using our established methodology, we conducted a detailed review of the core operations, current procurement capability and designed the options for the leadership to select and implement across digital, people, and processes to make the vision become a reality. The challenges surrounding the existing supply chain, along with the unique nature of the supply chain dynamics and timeframes, were explored and tested, enabling an appropriately adapted set of options to be developed for the environment.

To enable the identification of immediate changes to free up resources and time and support the analysis and operating model design, our P2P experts were also involved in reviewing the existing process structure; we were able to utilize our extensive expertise to identify potential areas of improvement that will futureproof the Supply Chain purchasing mechanisms, strengthening the long term strategic vision.


  • Supply chain vision for the future: the Proxima team created an infographic illustrating the importance of, benefit from, and key components of the future supply chain, detailing the critical elements required to achieve the strategic vision
  • Future state operating model: Proxima shaped the future design principles for the procurement team and proposed a number of specialized operating model options that could all be used to positively reshape the organization
  • Case for change: the Proxima team produced a report containing a clear set of statements demonstrating the benefits of the new vision and new operating model, creating efficiencies in procurement operations with new centers of excellence and a consolidated internal support hub
  • Process simplification: the team identified over 118 opportunities across ten themes, including systems, process, training, and buying practices, where simplification and change could be enacted.

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