08 January 2023
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One of the UK’s leading energy companies sought support in selecting a new Source-to-pay (S2P) solution for its Corporate and Customers (C&C) division, driven by the requirement to replace end-of-life invoice and contract management platforms within a tight timeframe.

With the system integrator providing technical support on the system configuration, Proxima was brought in to support three key modules: functional structure, governance and performance, and category management and sourcing.


With years of experience designing, building, and operating whole procurement function and support desks, we were engaged for our practitioner-led experience, supporting our client in re-designing and building its function, reaping the benefits for day one readiness.

Our team worked through the priorities for the new S2P system and their sequencing, identifying the key work packages that support the successful implementation of an S2P solution, the indicative resources required to support the work packages, and the immediate activity needed to ensure a quality outcome.

We provided digital transformation expertise and advice, giving the leadership team a forum for safe challenge, perspective and to validate thinking in scoping the overarching solution, with subsequent support to be provided through the detailed design and build phases.


We guided the client through important decision-making gates, ensuring a solution was developed that delivered value to our client its users and had a scalable blueprint for the wider organizational functions. The program was successfully developed in collaboration with client leadership.

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