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From commercial airlines to big city airports, we work with some of the most recognizable global brands in Aviation and Aerospace. Whether it’s focusing on in-flight experience, ground handling, or assuring the supply of critical components for leading manufacturers, we are experienced in wide-ranging above and below-wing services.

Pressure to innovate and bring the latest and greatest to the customer experience must be balanced with optimizing costs. The return to pre-pandemic demand for air travel across the world shows no sign of slowing down. Navigating this competitive and unpredictable industry will rely on ensuring value for money throughout your supply chain, enabling you to invest where really needed.

Proxima’s creative thinking and accelerated delivery help our clients make smarter commercial decisions that keep them flying high through turbulent times.

Procurement solutions tailored to your challenges

We are practitioner-led. Our people bring real-world industry experience and adopt a hands-on approach to both the challenges and opportunities within Aviation and Aerospace. Prevalent in the market, with leading brands trusting Proxima as their procurement partner, we bring fresh, relevant, actionable insight from across the industry and beyond.

As sustainability, labor, and demand pressures persist, carriers and manufacturers face challenges in scaling capacity and supply chains. Manufacturers currently have order backlogs for passenger aircraft tens of thousands strong, while airlines must decide how best to integrate technology developments into their customer offering.

We help organizations by:

  • Challenging the status quo and exploring new ways of working
  • Providing expert capability and surge capacity to deliver value
  • Identifying risks across your supply chain and building resilience
  • Sharing industry insights and collaborating with client teams

With constant shifts in consumer behavior, value chain dynamics, and regulation, Procurement has a critical role in ensuring businesses not only survive in the Aviation and Aerospace landscape but also thrive.

Industry Insights

Procurement plays a key role in the Aviation and Aerospace industry. Adapting to the evolving consumer whilst managing costs.

Over the past two decades, several well-known brands have disappeared from the skies and on the ground. Some are due to mergers, and some are simply by being unable to keep pace with fierce competition, regulation, volatility, and rising costs.

The race is on to differentiate, finding new ways to attract customers and inspire loyalty in airports, online, and on-board. Procurement is emerging as a key enabler, as is artificial intelligence. How to implement AI will have a significant impact on the customer journey.

Focus is set to continue within sustainability, with the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) set to become more widespread, something that analysts are predicting will play a significant role in airlines achieving their net zero goals.

What We Do

Each business will face its own unique challenges, contact our experts today, to find out how we can help you. Our service suite is wide-ranging, and we offer both defined products and bespoke services. Broadly our services sit into four pillars:

“The fact that Proxima have been able to pull on industry leading experts has meant credibility in our business and they have helped deliver opportunities worth many millions.”

Simon Cox | Head of Airport Development & Central Procurement

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