Achieving growth through the changing consumer

Spanning items from food, apparel, beauty, household, and more, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) organizations are operating within a perfect storm of commodity volatility, grocery price wars, and trade uncertainties. Beyond the storm, there is also the opportunity for those able to invest in areas such as changing consumer tastes, manufacturing automation, and emerging B2C markets. 

From household brands to huge production operations, we help some of the industry’s biggest businesses achieve profitable growth. Navigating the consumer’s pursuit to get more value for their money, our procurement approach brings fresh ideas that can transform commercial outcomes. 

Procurement solutions tailored to your challenges 

We are practitioner-led. Our people bring real-world industry experience and adopt a hands-on approach to CPG’s challenges and opportunities. Prevalent in the market, leading brands trust Proxima as their procurement partner; bringing fresh, relevant, actionable insight from across the industry and beyond. 

In the face of constant market volatility, CPG organizations must look beyond optimizing traditional spend areas.

At Proxima, we find the right solution for you, focusing on total cost to retain healthy margins through leveraging evolving digitization solutions, improving risk management to ensure supply security and reputational protection, or effectively embedding ESG into your operations.

We help by:

  • Bringing deep industry expertise to optimize outcomes 
  • Collaborating with your people to ensure buy-in throughout 
  • Creating future-fit procurement strategies and functions 
  • Operating at pace, enhancing your ability to stay ahead in the market

With constant shifts in consumer behavior, value chain dynamics, and regulation, procurement becomes critical in ensuring businesses survive and thrive in the CPG landscape.

Industry Insights

Expectations on procurement are evolving. There is a need for adaptability and proactiveness when navigating emerging trends resulting from both external and internal pressures:

In the age of options, consumers are demanding ethically driven approaches toward products and making decisions on brand alignment based on these practices. Manufacturers and retailers must look across the value chain and find the balance between cost and circularity.

More and more, companies are expected to create and leverage personalized digital experiences for consumers, creating an exciting dynamic where supply chains need to be efficient and agile to keep up with changing consumer demands.  

Predicting and adapting to consumer behaviors means CPOs need real-time access to data and analytics that allow them to forecast trends and anticipate needs. Procurement is embedded as a staple value into every function of CPG but is often tackled independently as problems arise vs. taking a holistic approach.  

What we do

Each business will face its own unique challenges; contact our experts today to find out how we can help you. Our service suite is wide-ranging, and we offer both defined products and bespoke services. Broadly, our services sit into four pillars: 

Cost Transformation

Enabling ‘value’ for money, typically thought through sourcing and strategy work and supporting the delivery of complex programs.

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Cost Transformation

With an average of 70% of a company’s revenues being spent with external suppliers, Cost Optimization Services ensure best value is known, achieved, and maintained.

Capability Transformation

Leading, transforming or developing functions and teams, including their people, processes and technology.

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Capability Transformation

Building the right procurement model is not a one size fits all. Capability Transformation Services help organizations to build fresh or upgrade existing procurement models to boost impact.


Delivering social value, decarbonization and sustainable procurement programs.

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Sustainable Procurement

With supply chains key to achieving sustainability goals, Sustainable Procurement Services support CPOs and their teams to consistently plan and achieve greater environmental and social impact.

Specialist Support

Targeted capability and program support

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Specialist Support

When business have specific projects 
or complex programs to execute, Specialist Support Services bring expertise on demand to cover capacity and capability needs.


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