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The healthcare and life sciences industry stand at the forefront of innovation, tasked with the critical mission of advancing healthcare through the development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnologies. In this dynamic landscape, the role of procurement has evolved from a transactional function to a strategic imperative.

This highly regulated environment, marked by rapid advancements, and an ever-growing demand for innovation, necessitates a strategic approach to procurement, transcending its traditional role as a cost containment function.

We’re helping a number of government departments, public bodies, and leading manufacturers with commercial programs ranging from complex sourcing and cost reduction to capability transformation and sustainable procurement; embedding social value along the way.

Procurement solutions tailored to your challenges 

We are practitioner-led. Our people bring real-world industry experience and adopt a hands-on approach to both the challenges and opportunities within healthcare and life sciences. Prevalent in the market, with leading brands trusting Proxima as their procurement partner, we bring fresh, relevant, actionable insight from across the industry and beyond.

In an industry where innovation is the lifeblood, procurement has emerged as a catalyst for driving technological advancements and fostering collaboration. By identifying and partnering with suppliers offering cutting-edge technologies and research capabilities, procurement contributes to the development of innovative products and therapies. Procurement has become a strategic enabler to navigate the complexities of the industry, drive innovation, and ultimately deliver on the promise of advancing healthcare for the benefit of society.

We help organizations by;

  • Navigating complex supply chains to embed resilience.
  • Applying industry expertise to both reduce costs and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Working with wide-ranging stakeholders to ensure buy-in throughout programs.
  • Embedding sustainability priorities aligned to organizational objectives.

With constant shifts in consumer behavior, value chain dynamics, and regulation, Procurement becomes a critical role in ensuring business not only survive in the Health and Pharmaceutical landscape, but also thrive.

Industry Insights

Procurement continues to play a pivotal role in managing costs and cost optimisation, through mature business partnered strategies. In an era of cost pressures and volatility, this aspect of procurement is indispensable for the financial health of Health and Pharmaceuticals organizations. 

Being socially and environmentally responsible. Whether that is through Scope 3 reductions or ESG programs – the industry demands ethical and sustainable practices across its supply chain.

Being digitally enabled with the rapid growth of AI programs, organizations are asking how to leverage technology to reduce non-value-added work and focus on value-generating activities.

Compliance with stringent regulatory standards is non-negotiable in this industry. Taking a proactive procurement-led approach to ensuring adherence safeguards against compliance-related issues that could have profound consequences on product quality and patient safety. 

What we do

Each business will face its own unique challenges, contact our experts today, to find out how we can help you. Our service suite is wide-ranging, and we offer both defined products and bespoke services. Broadly our services sit into four pillars:


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