Putting procurement in the spotlight

An industry at the forefront of technological advancements with the rise of streaming platforms, virtual reality, and other innovations, there is a constant need to invest in the latest technologies.

Procurement teams are crucial in helping organizations stay ahead, evaluating and negotiating with tech vendors, and ensuring timely adoption without compromising quality or cost.

Dynamic and exciting in nature but facing high production costs from content creation to market and distribution, we use our specialist knowledge and procurement skills to optimize budgets, drive innovation, and improve margins.

From TV networks to video game publishers, we work with globally recognized brands and household names, delivering cost savings and supply chain optimization.

Procurement solutions tailored to your challenges

We are practitioner-led. Our people bring real-world industry experience and adopt a hands-on approach to both the challenges and opportunities within Media and Entertainment. Prevalent in the market, with leading brands trusting Proxima as their procurement partner, we bring fresh, relevant, actionable insight from across the industry and beyond.

Aside from managing costs and embracing technological advancements, media and entertainment organizations are often global, meaning they are likely exposed to risks, including geopolitical factors and supply chain disruptions. Procurement plays a key role in vetting suppliers, ensuring contractual protection, and creating contingency plans, all in a creative environment.

We help organizations by:

  • Adapting to your culture and environment while ensuring we bring the best of us.
  • Supporting strategic partnerships and collaborations can be pivotal.
  • Providing an external perspective and point of challenge to the status quo.
  • Delivering tailored solutions for your unique challenges.

With constant shifts in consumer behavior, value chain dynamics, and regulation, Procurement becomes a critical role in ensuring businesses not only survive in the Media and Entertainment landscape but also thrive. 

Industry Insights

Historically, Procurement has struggled to get a foothold in the Media and Entertainment industry due to the misconception of the function not aligning with the industry’s creative nature, but as competition soars amongst existing and new entrants, organizations are looking to Procurement for the smart solution.

There is fierce competition for consumers’ time, propelled by the digitization of content and mass production. Even with dual screening, consumption is reaching saturation point.

When it’s hard to get more than a few seconds of attention, organizations must stand out from the crowd and inspire customer loyalty. Content investments can be strategic, significant, and critical to growth.

The same level of insight is not always consistent across other investments. Better procurement practices are helping organizations buy smarter; using knowledge to reduce costs and reinvesting the savings into content, customer experience, and innovation. This is helping organizations invest and re-capture their share of wallet. 

What we do

Each business will face its own unique challenges, contact our experts today, to find out how we can help you. Our service suite is wide-ranging, and we offer both defined products and bespoke services. Broadly our services sit into four pillars:


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