Optimizing value through acquisition and deal flow

For most businesses, supplier costs represent 60% – 70% of revenues. For investors, this means that external costs have a significant impact on top and bottom-line business performance, as well as acquisition and sale price.

At Proxima, we work with PE firms to profile and accelerate benefits delivery from supplier costs.

This helps our clients hit the ground running, speed up interest pay down, and optimize EBITDA on exit. We also build functions to run in-life management and value delivery where there’s no procurement or a fledgling capability. 

Procurement improvement is a low-risk, high ROI area of focus for PE-backed companies seeking to maximize shareholder returns.

Procurement solutions tailored to your challenges 

We are practitioner-led. Our people bring real-world industry experience and adopt a hands-on approach to the challenges and opportunities within Private Equity. Prevalent in the market, with leading brands trusting Proxima as their procurement partner, we bring fresh, relevant, actionable insight from across the industry and beyond.

Cost transformation can be addressed quickly and at any stage in the investment cycle, creating rapid and sustainable value. This will result in increased cash flow and improved EBITDA, which will have a material impact on investment returns by contributing to a higher exit value and reducing debt.

We help organizations by;

  • Developing and implementing procurement plans and strategies.
  • Upskilling procurement teams to better position you for future success.
  • Accelerating time to benefit through expert capability and industry experience.
  • Leveraging robust change management to ensure what we do sticks.

With constant shifts in consumer behavior, value chain dynamics, and regulation, Procurement becomes a critical role in ensuring business not only survive in the Private Equity landscape, but also thrive

Industry Insights

Creating value during the first 12-18 months of any investment is critically important. Short-term gains can accelerate debt repayments, fund operational investment, and enable business performance. Positioning you well to navigate the industry. 

There are uncertainties in the market, particularly global trade discussions and the increase in regulation between key geographies. A competitive landscape for talent, where numerous moves have taken place between firms.

For investment managers, the procurement value proposition is an increasing tool of choice to accelerate financial performance through:  

Pre-acquisition savings assessments, using external MI and expertise to profile likely cost improvement quantum and speed.

Opportunity Assessment and Cost Reduction, helping portfolio companies to optimize costs and increase EBITDA quickly and sustainably.

In-life management, running procurement as a service to build the sustainable infrastructure and commerciality that makes for a better business.

What we do

Each business will face its own unique challenges, contact our experts today, to find out how we can help you. Our service suite is wide-ranging, and we offer both defined products and bespoke services. Broadly our services sit into four pillars:


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