03 March 2021
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Working at Proxima has given me the chance to take on opportunities I may not have considered before, but are well aligned with my strengths and aspirations.

I spent the first eight years of my career in various industry jobs, chasing job titles and salary bumps toward the latter half. I was always looking for something bigger and better elsewhere because internal opportunities seemed to be closed off or out of reach. Although I have only been with Proxima for just about a year and a half, I’ve already been able to grow at a pace that I had not yet experienced in my career.

I had originally joined Proxima as a consultant, supporting clients and solving problems through strategic projects, but have recently moved into a new role on our Solutions team – still solving problems but in a slightly different capacity.

This opportunity did not just fall in my lap. Prior to taking on the role, I was using my spare time to find creative ways to get involved in the sales process, whether that was bringing in leads from my network or identifying new ways for us to support existing clients and grow our partnerships beyond the existing engagement. I was really just looking for ways to work outside of my comfort zone and bring value beyond the good work I was delivering on my project.

 When the Solutions role opened up I knew I needed to apply.

After a nerve-wracking and intense interview process (alongside some extremely talented peers) I was offered the role and dove right in. It’s been just over three months in this new job and I have so much to reflect on already. While this was a lateral move for me, I feel like I am performing at a different level than when I was as a consultant. I think differently, feel comfortable with ambiguity, and get creative with the solutions I build for our clients. Despite being averse to sales for my entire career I feel as though I have found an area that I thrive in. I am learning from our leaders and growing on the job almost every day – there isn’t much more I could ask for out of a career move like this. It just goes to show that taking opportunities outside your comfort zone may just lead to something truly invigorating. 

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