11 March 2024
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As we near the upcoming warm-weather season, many of us are stacking our shelves in preparation for vacation-reading, or to open a book a bit outside of our comfort genres.

At Proxima, we believe in the power of a good book to inspire, challenge, and transport. So we’ve compiled a list of reads our team is excited about this year.

From thought-provoking business insights to narratives that reshape our understanding of the world, our 2024 Summer Reading List is designed to inspire.

Business and LeaderSHIP

  1. The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor and Power in the Age of Automation” by Carl Benedikt Frey: A fine analysis of the impact of technology on work, exploring automation’s effects on different groups of workers.
  2. “Analog” by Robert Hassan: Explores our desire for ‘real’ experiences amidst the digital deluge, questioning what constitutes innovation and authenticity.
  3. “The Art of the Good Life: Clear Thinking for Business and a Better Life” by Rolf Dobelli: Explores stoic philosophy’s applicability in today’s world, written in a witty style.

Exploring the Future and Technology

  1. “Diverse Speculative Futures: 2024 Top Reading List”: A collection of speculative fiction texts that explores themes related to emerging technologies and their social impacts.
  2. “Mercury” by Amy Jo Burns: A contemporary fiction novel about a blue-collar American family struggling with their plumbing business and personal challenges.
  3. “The Book of Fire” by Christy Lefteri: After a wildfire destroys their home in Greece, a woman becomes entangled in a murder investigation while her husband searches for his missing father.


  1. “Being Harry: The Fonz… and Beyond” by Henry Winkler: A revelatory TV memoir by the iconic ‘Fonzie’ from “Happy Days,” sharing his struggles with anxiety and dyslexia.
  2. “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing” by Matthew Perry: An unvarnished, honest account of the “Friends” actor’s rise to fame and his lifelong battle with addiction.
  3. “The Diana Chronicles” by Tina Brown: A detailed exploration of Princess Diana’s life, offering elevated celebrity gossip and insights into royal culture.

Fiction Favourites

  1. “Argylle” by Elly Conway: A mystery thriller where a stand-up comedian investigates why his ex-girlfriend broke up with him.
  2. “The Mayor of Maxwell Street” by Avery Cunningham: A historical fiction novel set during World War II, following a Malaysian housewife who becomes a spy for the Japanese invasion.
  3. “Midnight” by Amy McCulloch: A gripping mystery thriller set on an Antarctic cruise, where passengers and crew are being murdered.

This curated selection promises to ignite your imagination, fuel your professional aspirations, and offer fresh perspectives. Happy reading, and here’s to a summer filled with ongoing discovery and enjoyment!

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