29 July 2023
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Diversity challenges us to think differently, and we become better people and better businesses as a result. The Committee on Racial Equality at Proxima aims to champion equal opportunities for all employees and is one of several employee-led networks.

The Committee on Racial Equality or CORE, as it is known internally, has been created to enable all employees to have a central support network to help facilitate conversations and educate colleagues on their workplace and world experiences related to race and ethnicity.

CORE provides a positive and supportive environment for employees to share personal experiences, and the small employee-led committee are available for all Proximities to speak to on a one-on-one confidential basis if personal support is required.

The group also works as a networking platform that enables relationship-building outside of your traditional circle of colleagues and acts as a mechanism supporting and promoting training and progression for individuals of all races and ethnicities.

CORE hosted its first event in May 2022 and has since dedicated its efforts to a new theme each quarter to help focus the conversation and agenda.

“ Our primary objective is to provide a supportive, safe and collaborative environment for all Proxima colleagues to share and discuss experiences, thoughts, and ideas related to race and ethnicity equality.”

A key pillar of success for CORE is predicated on the fact that we are bringing people of all races and ethnicities together from across all of our offices, and everyone at Proxima is welcome and encouraged to participate. The committee is rotated on an annual basis and all employees are given the opportunity to nominate themselves to be a committee member.

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