Courtney Brearley & Charlene Carthew

17 June 2023
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Procurement has historically been a male-dominated sector, but this is a trend we are striving to change at Proxima.

We are passionate about supporting women’s careers in procurement, giving them the opportunities and confidence to grow in the business and achieve their potential.

To celebrate our female colleagues, we are kicking off a new series that will spotlight the achievements of the inspiring women in the business, across a range of teams and seniorities.

This month, we are celebrating Charlene Carthew and Courtney Brearley, who have both recently been promoted to new roles having leveraged Proxima’s internal offerings and support.

Introducing Charlene, who has been promoted to Operations Specialist, and has worked at Proxima for close to five years, having joined us as an Operations Analyst.

Having initially started as a helpdesk agent, working directly with one client to deliver focused customer success. Proxima gave her the opportunity to develop broader business knowledge by working on wider business engagements. She now works with clients across a variety of sectors throughout her time at the company, including retail, financial services, and hospitality to deliver savings and transformation projects.

Courtney is another fantastic member of our team who joined Proxima just over a year ago and is currently working in the delivery team, helping to drive value for a wide variety of clients. She has recently been promoted to Senior Consultant, having grown her career through the collaborative, encouraging and learning opportunities presented in Proxima.

Outside of client work, Courtney is a member of the US Social Committee and is studying to get her CPSM. She is also now a Career Manager, having been mentored through our Career Management program, she is eager to hone and develop her mentorship skills whilst guiding other’s careers.

We’re really passionate about supporting our employees and their ambitions. Both Charlene and Courtney spotlight what it means to be a member of the Proxima team and we’re proud of all their achievements so far.

Congratulations Charlene and Courtney – it’s great to see women’s careers thrive in procurement!

At Proxima, we believe gender equality is a necessary foundation for creating a prosperous and sustainable workplace. Find out more about our group the Gender Equality Network, which champions equal opportunities for all employees.

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