01 July 2022
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At Proxima, we are passionate about supporting women who are seeking a career in procurement at every stage of their career at the company, whether they are just starting out or are industry veterans.

In the latest of our Women in Procurement series, we spoke to two of our recently appointed Vice Presidents, Susan Hilgers and Lisa Darling, about their experiences working for Proxima.

Lisa started at Proxima at the start of this year and is based in the US. She has experience across a variety of industries, including financial services and consumer packaged goods, as well as a high-growth start-up. She was drawn to Proxima for our expertise in procurement across a variety of categories, which, combined with the close-knit environment, made the company an ideal place to make her next career move.

In her new role, Lisa oversees client delivery for a large food manufacturer based in the US. She has also recently taken on a role as co-lead of the Professional Services Community of Practice, working with colleagues to create case studies and content for our intranet, which helps to inform new and experienced employees across the sectors we work in.

Lisa is excited to start securing new clients for Proxima. She has already brought in a client prospect and has also submitted a proposal to a client, which will hopefully expand the scope of our work with them. We love to see the women in our business continue to drive value for our clients and seek further opportunities for our consultants.

Our other new Vice President, Susan, joined our London team ten months ago. Susan manages a variety of client engagements and is also involved in steering groups for numerous Communities of Practice across the business. She has really enjoyed building out Proxima’s collateral as well as gathering insights from external speakers that help to inform and challenge our work.

Before joining Proxima, Susan worked across a range of industry sectors over the last three decades and was excited to take on a new challenge working for a consultancy. Her experience spans the Automotive industry, Banking & Asset Management, Pensions and Local Government. Her broad experience made her the perfect fit for Proxima and she is looking forward to being part of a company with such a varied but collaborative culture.

With years of experience across so many industries under her belt, Susan’s greatest advice is to create opportunities that enable you to try out something new and avoid boxing yourself into one sector, as each role and experience you have will help you learn and grow for your next.

It’s a privilege to have such experienced professionals as Susan and Lisa on board, we’re excited to see how they help to steer the business forward.

At Proxima, we believe gender equality is a necessary foundation for creating a prosperous and sustainable workplace. Find out more about our group, the Gender Equality Network, which champions equal opportunities for all employees.


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