Allison Magoc & Madeline van Noorden

29 July 2022
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We’re proud to champion women in the procurement sector at Proxima and are passionate about supporting the careers of the women in the business through every stage of their careers.

In our latest installment of our new Women in Procurement series, we spoke to two recent recruits, Consultant Allison Magoc and Analyst Madeline Van Noorden about how Proxima has supported their careers in the industry.

Allison started at Proxima close to four months ago and is settling into our Chicago office. Prior to joining us, she worked client side leading strategic marketing and communications projects from a procurement standpoint. In her current role as a consultant, she is playing to her strengths, supporting a client on their marketing and communications delivery.

We have worked hard to give Allison the tools and support she needs to build on the skills she already has so that she can excel in her role. Community in the workplace plays a key role in supporting all staff and we’re proud that Allison has received guidance and support from colleagues to help her personal and professional development.

Despite being at Proxima for a short amount of time, Allison has been positively challenged by the projects she has been involved in, as they encourage her to think critically about how businesses can react and adapt in the volatile supply-chain landscape.

Allison has also been given opportunities to grow and develop her career and has taken advantage of resources such as mentorships and our database of market insights. She is keen to contribute to the company culture and has also joined our Marketing Community of Practice and our Health and Wellness Committee.

Madeline joined the team in London and has been an Analyst for just over six months as part of our graduate program. Madeline has recently completed her first client engagement, which gave her the opportunity to assist in KPI and Risk scorecard creation for over 100 contracts, spread between 30 contract managers. In her current client engagement, she is getting the opportunity to develop her software skills as well as her knowledge of procurement by creating templates for use throughout the sourcing process.

Proxima has supported Madeline by making her feel welcome and valued within the company, whilst giving her the tools she needs to expand her knowledge of the sector, be it through asking questions of her colleagues or diving into our resources and case studies we have on offer.

The variety of Proxima’s clients have also allowed Madeline to test out a range of skills and apply her thinking differently. As part of the graduate program, she has been rotating through our various practices, growing the range of her industry knowledge. Madeline is excited to continue to challenge herself, further her skillset and to expand her network in procurement.

It’s fantastic to have Allison and Madeline on board, we can’t wait to see what they achieve next as they continue to grow their careers.

At Proxima, we believe gender equality is a necessary foundation for creating a prosperous and sustainable workplace. Find out more about our group the Gender Equality Network, which champions equal opportunities for all employees.

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