Simon Geale

14 June 2021
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  • Cost Optimization
  • Sustainability

Sustainability has become an increasingly in demand service from Proxima, with ESG principles increasingly embedded into client projects across the assessment, sourcing, transformation space.

With this in mind we have consolidated our expertise into a dedicated sustainability service line, designed to deliver rapid sustainability programmes and transformational procurement and supply chain strategies for businesses.

The new services will bring together our existing sustainability offerings, which have already helped clients to implement new supplier strategies in sectors such as retail, engineering and financial services, and provide a singular holistic offering for new businesses.

Typically, over 80% of an organizations sustainability impact is within the supply chain. We focus on this area; advising businesses to identify where they can work with suppliers to deliver more sustainable goods and services, and helping them to deliver those gains. There are three central pillars to the service:

  • Assessment – profiling exposure and opportunities to drive change in the supply base
  • Acceleration – from getting started with quick wins to driving big ticket programs
  • Transformation – embedding principles in to commercial behaviors and working practices

These three solutions will support businesses in aligning their organization to their employee, shareholder and customer values, as well as helping them to track and measure their results.

Simon Geale, Executive Vice President at Proxima

“We continue to see sustainability rising up the corporate agenda, and innovative and strong sustainability policies have become crucial for most businesses. Of course a lot of the ability to deliver on those promises, will come down to how well businesses work with their suppliers.

Having developed a strong body of work in this space, we are delighted to formally launch Sustainable Procurement as a Proxima Service. Procurement can, and should be at the forefront of helping businesses to drive real social, environmental and ethical impact.”

For an overview of the Sustainable Procurement service line and case studies, click here.

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