Simon Geale

01 July 2020
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The once in a generation chance to restart and reshape is underway. Businesses are morphing into new versions of themselves, redefining the boundaries between physical and digital propositions, transforming operations and optimizing internal and external costs. How? With procurement specialists.

Businesses must navigate their way through a series of operational challenges coming from their customers, competitors, supply chains and internal resources. The new operating necessity is speed and agility. Achieving this will depend upon clarity of thinking and how leaders can frame and meet these challenges:

  • Key to success will be the speed of recovery, winning market share, and a faster return to target liquidity levels.
  • The ability to adjust the business model to meet new customer, economic, societal, and operational norms.
  • It is not enough to repackage what we have done before. New challenges need positive change. Those that hope to return to the old normal will likely fail. The old normal will no longer exist.

Delivering positive change with procurement specialists

Success will be for those that are fastest to the right answers and fastest to act. Those who can quickly solve problems, react to demand, put in place the right partnerships, build operational controls, and execute growth strategies, will succeed. We are working with some of these businesses to enable them to thrive in the new economic normal.

Proxima brings operational expertise and supply market knowledge to the heart of today’s business operations. As practitioners; we offer a range of services, all designed to help organizations to create and deliver commercial strategies; delivering positive change.

It is impossible to underestimate the need for speed and experience at this time, and our ‘spotlighted’ services are addressing today’s challenges. They are also quick to deploy, and can be flexed up and down as needed without a long-term commitment.

It is a time to act; taking the most informed decisions possible, monitoring progress, and quickly course-correcting when required.

Spotlight on reboot services

Cost Optimization

As organizations reboot, priorities will have shifted, needs will have changed, and supply markets will have become more fluid. Supply and demand may be misaligned, and it is harder to quickly know what represents value for money and a smart commercial deal. Are you spending well?

We deploy experienced procurement specialists into our clients’ organizations and arm them with the insights and market knowledge from the $, £, € billions of supplier costs that we influence each year. We use this knowledge to quickly assess the opportunities and deliver the benefits of working closely with our clients to prioritize delivery according to their immediate needs, cost ambition and strategic aims.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Proxima’s supply chain service suite offers organizations a combination of commercial and operational expertise that can be deployed on discrete projects or end to end supply chain improvement programs. We bring current insights on suppliers’ operating practices and cost models, then use it to help an organization to reboot and optimize their outcomes.

Supply Chain Transparency

Selecting the right partners to do business with is a critical part of the procurement process. Most organizations put a lot of effort into finding suppliers who meet regulatory and brand standards at the right cost point. But what happens after that? For many, it’s a “let and forget,” and even those with supplier relationship management programs need to balance ticking boxes against really knowing their suppliers at all tiers. Supplier Transparency Checks are a rapid commercial assessment of key suppliers (and their suppliers where appropriate) to ensure visibility of trading relationships, a review of expected commercial standards, their delivery, and maintenance.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Third party suppliers are a critical component in the M&A cycle. They not only impact purchase and sale price, but also represent a key source of synergy savings and operational improvement. It is critical that the supply chain is well managed throughout the transaction, identifying and mitigating risks, while ensuring continuity of operations. Proxima’s M&A services are designed to support organizations through every stage of a transaction, whether acquiring or divesting.

Digital Acceleration

Digital solutions are going to be critical to businesses driving toward and competing in the new normal. Digital Acceleration will help organizations to not only quickly stand up procurement and commercial solutions by getting straight to answers, but will also provide the expertise to digitize business operations. Proxima’s procurement specialists and digital acceleration experts have relevant and up-to-date experience from a range of organizations, processes, and functional areas, and can enable and facilitate the best digital solution.

Innovation Enablement

Organizations will be reconsidering legacy business models and operating practices. In many instances, supplier innovation will be key to ramping up and reconnecting with customers, increasing speed and efficiency, and lowering operating costs. However, few businesses ‘do innovation well.’ Many find it challenging to work with uncertainty, are change-averse, and unattractive to small and large innovators.

Innovation Enablement helps organizations to create the mindset and environment for greater levels of internal and external invention. It will facilitate procurement, supply chain, and operations stakeholders to better frame challenges, and collaborate with existing and new supplier groups to solve them quickly.

Change is happening now – let’s make it positive.

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