18 March 2021
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After a year of economic and political volatility brought on by COVID-19, the Proxima Finance Leaders Outlook 2021 offers a unique insight into the outlook of CFOs and FDs as they look ahead to recovery.

Where is 2021 heading and where do business priorities lie?

We asked 1,000 finance leaders from organisations across the United Kingdom and United States. The findings reveal that positivity and proactivity will shape finance leaders’ strategy as they rebuild their businesses and the economy over the next 12 months.

The report unlocks six key insights:

  • There is smoother sailing ahead after a year of economic and political volatility – After a year of political and economic volatility, the outlook on both sides of the Atlantic is one of optimism.
  • This positivity will be reflected by a year of increased investment and spending – Finance leaders foresee a year of increased investment and expenditure as businesses aim for growth in recovery.
  • Finance Leaders will take the initiative in times of uncertainty – While there may still be uncertain times ahead, finance leaders will be taking a proactive approach to building business resilience.
  • The concept of the workplace will permanently change – The nature of work has drastically changed over the past year and finance leaders indicate that a shift in strategy towards people, teams and facilities lies ahead.
  • Social value has quickly risen up finance leaders’ agenda – Priorities have shifted throughout the pandemic which has lead to social values quickly rising up the finance leader’s agenda.
  • Procurement will be an important driver of innovation and recovery – Finance leaders looked to the procurement function as an important tool in overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, and it will be one that helps them drive recovery in 2021.

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