Simon Geale & Ed Winterschladen

23 July 2019
Topics in this article
  • Cost Optimization
  • Strategy & Planning

Procurement is evolving to meet the needs of the current environment and current business challenges. This means organizations can achieve a new competitive advantage, if they use procurement in the right way.

Read The Raconteur’s ‘Future of Procurement’ report contributed to by Proxima’s Edward Winterschladen and Simon Geale to find out more about:

  • How procurement can add value to the public sector
  • Are CPOs still undervalued?
  • The changing face of procurement and how to utilise it to fit your needs
  • The challenge of stakeholders perceptions and how to address this
  • The supplier capability demand

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The Future of Procurement

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Procurement: new competitive advantage.

Procurement must emerge from the shadows as a key business enabler.

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