14 June 2024
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Introducing the Latest Scope 3 Maturity Benchmark Report…

The climate crisis is escalating, with over 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions originating from Scope 3 activities in the value chains of businesses. Tackling these emissions is crucial yet challenging for many organizations.

The Scope 3 Maturity Benchmark Report 2024 offers a comprehensive guide, providing insights, best practices, and actionable steps to help organizations manage and reduce their Scope 3 emissions effectively.

  • In-depth Analysis: Discover detailed findings from over 170 organizations across various sectors.
  • Actionable Strategies: Access practical steps and frameworks to transition from planning to action.
  • Collaborative Insights: Learn from leading companies and harness the power of collaboration to drive progress towards Net Zero.

Equip your organization with the knowledge and tools to reduce Scope 3 emissions. Download the report today and contribute to a sustainable future.

Insights from the Scope 3 Maturity Benchmark 2024

Making a Start on Scope 3 Decarbonization

Improving emissions visibility is crucial for organizations committed to reducing their Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, but it can be a daunting task…

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How to set a science-based target

Setting approved and validated science-based targets (SBTs) through the SBTi is a structured process aimed at helping companies align their emissions reduction efforts with the latest climate science…

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Accelerating Scope 3 Emissions Reduction

At the start of 2024, it was reported that the previous 12-month period was the warmest year in a series stretching back to 1850…

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How to make the case for funding and resourcing your Scope 3 plan

The challenge is that Scope 3 progress is not savings-led, at least in the short term, nor is it FTE-led…

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