21 March 2023
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  • Net Zero | Scope 3

The Scope 3 Maturity Benchmark is a tool created by Proxima in collaboration with the Scope 3 Peer Group, a community that includes many of the world’s most recognizable companies who have chosen to work together to advance progress on Scope 3.

The intent was to create not just an interesting benchmark but also to build a useful tool that could help participating organizations. By getting involved, participants access the collective learnings of the community, who have worked together with Proxima to create a model that reflects their real insights on Scope 3; what they have done, are doing, and plan to do next.

The output for the participating organization is the ability to benchmark vs. peers and then build credible and realistic action plans to move faster and with more certainty toward Net Zero. The output for the community is that the more we each contribute, the more we learn, and the faster we go.

Sign up to be included in the 3rd wave of The Scope 3 Maturity Benchmark

To manage the current demand levels, we are currently working on a cohort of organizations that have over 1,000 employees.

You can still access the first edition findings if you are smaller than that, but we cannot provide personalized results at this point. If you are 1,000+ FTE, please sign up to complete the benchmark (it will take 30-45 minutes).


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