20 June 2024
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Procurement Strategy Development

The Scope 3 Strategy Collective is an initiative born out of The Scope 3 Peer Group and the insights taken from The Scope 3 Maturity Benchmark. There is a disconnect between the ambition and executive sponsorship to set Net Zero targets and the procurement strategy, which is key to delivering Scope 3 reductions. The Collective is a project that aims to address this mismatch.

The Vision: An acceleration of procurement strategy for multiple organizations through collective workshops and knowledge sharing. In practice, it looks like this:

  • Accelerated outcomes: A 16-week, Proxima coached, self-delivery program covering emissions and targets, decarbonization levers, functional enablers, supplier engagement, and socialization.
  • Materials & templates: A decarbonization playbook, procurement tool kit, and best-in-class case studies and templates.
  • Capability enhancement: Multiple workshops, expert support, coaching, and networking.
  • Co-created Strategy: The output from The Collective is a structured, self-delivered procurement strategy targeting Scope 3 emission reduction tailored to your organization.

This is an opportunity to drive real with the strategy and tools to reduce Scope 3 emissions. Complete the form, and we’ll send you further details.

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