Andrew Moss

Solutions & Origination

I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving and creative solutions that stick! Initially using Lego, then through a degree in Design & Engineering but now I’ve progressed to flexing my creative side in procurement transformation. I’ve been fortunate to develop strategies, frameworks, processes, and systems across dozens of private and public sector clients, including FTSE 100 companies. I’ve developed risk management & assurance frameworks for government functions and end-to-end process redesign for global brands. I’ve built and run global shared services focused on delivering enablement solutions that transform procurement’s ability to deliver results. I’ve also created procurement process management solutions that automate and collect real-time data to streamline and implement new operating models. I’ve been fortunate to work with great people and support the organizational change within their business. Advising clients and helping them make better-informed decisions by challenging their methods and providing insight into different working methods. This, in turn, allows me to learn from others and increase my ability to expand further my ability to deliver best practices to future clients. I’ve also been involved in guest lecturing at Cardiff Business School and sat on several of their business network panels. I’ve also presented at Welsh Government Procurement events to Public Sector groups. Through it all, I still like building with Lego (but don’t tell anyone!)

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