Aviral Sethi


I’m a highly enthusiastic, engaging, and driven individual known for delivering consistent, excellent results for clients. I endeavor to achieve this with a personable approach, ensuring I build strong relationships with clients and my colleagues. I’m currently supporting my client, a global luxury brand, to drive savings of approximately £80m on total £150m spend in the IT Professional Services space, primarily through negotiation. My adaptability and versatility can be highlighted by the range of projects I’ve immersed myself in at Proxima, including leading a Supply Chain renegotiation for a desert manufacturer and helping create a Scope 3 decarbonization playbook for Private Equity companies and their Portfolio. Outside of daily client work, I take pride in my leadership role on CORE (our Committee on Racial Equality). By organizing major events such as Diwali celebrations in our offices, I aim to highlight the importance of the wonderful diversity we have within Proxima and continue to further educate my colleagues and myself.

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