Camila Restrepo

Associate Consultant

I’m a highly motivated and hard-working associate consultant with over five years of procurement experience. During my time at Proxima, I’ve worked across multiple categories on complex cost optimization projects, honing organizational and project management skills. I quickly build rapport with stakeholders ensuring that requirements are clear, and expectations are met. Due to my personal and professional experiences, I have a unique understanding across the intricacies of working across international regions and cultures. I am fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and conversational in French. I am currently part of Proxima’s Community of Practice rotation, gaining expert insight into various spend categories, business sectors, and fields of expertise. Throughout my career, I’ve developed a strong working knowledge of numerous categories including engineering services and equipment, professional services, packaging, drums, IBCs, pallets, and ingredients. My time working on arms-length government projects has enabled me to also develop an understanding of public sector procurement. My strong analytical and project management skills have developed in PMO roles, through which I have gained valuable insights into how projects are planned, run, and delivered successfully.

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