Madeline van Noorden


As a versatile and action-oriented individual, I deliver results and add value for clients through my role as a Consultant. I leverage my logical reasoning, developed from my mathematical background, to elevate my contributions while creating team synergies utilizing strong communicative and interpersonal skills. These competencies aid my adaptability, enabling my strong performance across a diverse sectors including public sector, media & communications, and retail. My proudest achievement at Proxima is pioneering an interactive negotiation toolkit comprising a structured approach to determining a negotiation strategy. Beyond my role as a Consultant, I also sit on our UK Charity Committee. As the representative from Proxima’s UK Charity Committee, I collaborate with members to support, fundraise, and champion our nominated partner charity. I love the wider impact I am able to have through Proxima’s Charity Committee and working together for our chosen charity’s mission makes me feel connected to my colleagues and proud to be part of a company like Proxima.

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