Spencer Shute

Supply Chain

A highly skilled and Certified Supply Chain Professional, I’ve got a broad and remarkable background in supply chain procurement and operations management across various industries, including Retail, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical, and Manufacturing. As a category leader, I’ve amassed over a decade of experience, during which I implemented cutting-edge Procurement and Supply Chain best practices, driving enhanced process efficiencies, rate transparency, and substantial cost savings within multiple organizations. I’ve also successfully managed complex projects with varied leadership structures to gain strategic alignment for implementing lasting solutions. My deep knowledge of supply chain, familiarity with supplier capabilities, and ability to quickly learn client nuances has been instrumental in fostering a track record of successful client engagements. Moreover, my expertise extends to the media world, where I’ve become the go-to resource for all matters related to supply chain. My vast knowledge and insightful perspectives are frequently sought by media outlets seeking a comprehensive understanding of supply chain dynamics both in the US and on a global scale. I am one of Proxima’s top insight contributors, being quoted in esteemed publications like the New York Times and Washington Post, as well as prominent trade publications such as Supply Chain Drive, Inbound Logistics, and Vogue Business.

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